End of studies project

An Interactive tool for a more inclusive cultural mediation

This project was built as part of my graduation diploma at l’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique. This project questions the accessibility of culture and aims to make cultural mediation in museums more inclusive. I start from the observation that the content of museums is too abstract to be understood by most people. Through the implementation of technology, a new, more sensitive, and interactive visitor experience can be created. By making the visit more sensory and not involving the visitor, we can reduce this abstraction and improve the visitor’s understanding.

Main objectives

To make this project, I had to think about a few ideas that answered my question about technologies as a mediation tool. For this, I developed two concepts that apply the different elements of inclusions found during interviews I conducted with many experts in the field.

To be as inclusive as possible, my concepts avoid reading and are as playful as possible. The contents are short and interactive. They ask the visitor to look at the different parts of the art they see and use technology to help them connect with the work.

These concept is a prospective device and are bound to evolve. This concept is not a finish product but food for thought questioning how art museums can be more attractive and reduce his gap with audiences far from culture. For more information, contact me by mail at alixgora@gmail.com.


Technologies as a new tool for art mediation


People with no art history knowledge, with low academical background, with understanding disabilities

What for

Improve access to art and art museum


an Augmented Reality application

Awakart is an AR application that gives life to artworks exposed in the city. Thanks to augmented reality and image recognition, users only need to search for the first pictures by pointing the camera at it and just listening to the video content. The idea is to create a sort of hunt in the cities and to encourage people to go in search of the works scattered in the city.

Make art accessible for everyone

By putting art directly in the street and by using video to gives information, we are improving the accessibility to art history. Videos are made with Adobe Character Animator and After Effect to gives life to the subject. The app should be accessible on apple and android device. All the artworks will come from public art found.

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You can follow the development of the project on instagram ! @techno.seum I also have a Youtube channel with others videos of my works! Alix Gora