Workshop Joypad
Partners :

Salomé Gloanec
Baptiste Guerin
Nolwenn Herbreteau 
Manon Leverrier

Design Tools :

This project is a game made during a workshop named workshop Joypad in collaboration between interaction design student and game design student. The goal of these five’s day workshop was to create a simple game using an unusual joypad. We decided to create a game inspired by Agar.io where players are little lightening monsters called ” lux ” and needed to cooperate in order to be big enough to win. To be bigger, partners need to eat some light but some enemies spawn during the party. To kill the enemy, partners need to merge to be bigger than enemies and eat them. The joypad is made with two potentiometers and two distance sensor. Potentiometer to orientate and distance sensor to move forward. There is also a switch to merge.