In progress bachelor project
Individual project
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My Bachelor project is the final project for my Bachelor degree. I decided to experience a new form of performance which combines contemporary dance, music, and light. My idea with this project is to create clothing for a dancer which creates music and sound in reaction to the movement of the dance. This project should bring sensibility and another dimension of dancing. Dance, which requests sight, should also request a hearing with music. In this project, the movements are translated into sound and light. This project is an ongoing project, but for the moment, I decided to put some feather huzza Wi-Fi card, coded with Arduino, and an accelerometer on each arm to send OSC message to a Pure data software on a computer which transforms to sound. This project was built as a research and development prototype, this is the first version of the project and need improvement but show the reflexion that I had on those notions. However, if you are interested in this project and want to have more information, you can also contact me via my contact form here.